Julian Buchanan PHD, MA, DIPSW

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FILM: The House I Live In (free online and well worth watching)

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Watch ‘The House I Live In’

Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

"In decades to come future generations will look back to this period in history with incredulity and disbelief at the: inconsistencies and stark contrast in approach towards legal and illegal recreational drug use; at the individual, local, national and global damage caused by prohibition of specific recreational drugs; at the way the war on drugs has become a civil war fuelling stigma, prejudice and discrimination upon particular drug users; and at the hypocrisy as we can sit back and read this article while enjoying a glass of red wine, while at a nearby neighbourhood someone might be facing a prison sentence having been caught smoking their home-grown cannabis" (p.259)


Buchanan, J. (2010) Drug policy under New Labour: Prolonging the war on drugs, Probation Journal: The Journal of Community and Criminal Justice, Special Edition: Criminal Justice under New Labour, Vol. 57,  No.3,


See on www.clear-uk.org


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