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Suspicious parents call in drug-sniffing dog

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Private eye, cum canine, come calling in North Texas to help parents catch kids using drugs

Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

The business opportunities from the war on drugs are endless!


Following on from the recently introduced UK scratch n sniff cannabis cards to enable neighbours to suspect and inform on each other – this USA dog service enables the suspicion and surveillance to extend to your own home and family.


Don’t trust your kids, get the sniffer dogs in, hand them over to the police, but remember the drug conviction will mess up their lives forever, and is likely to far more damaging than any experimentation or recreational use of illicit drugs! Not to mention the damage in parent child relationships!


But hey we all must play our part and make sacrifices if we are going to win the war on drugs!


Maybe employers should have these dogs too?

See on www.cbsnews.com


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