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Nine Lies or Myths about Drugs

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Nine myths or lies

      1. There is a clear pharmacological definition for ‘drugs’

There isn’t – what we classify as drugs is a social construct with no pharmacological basis.

      2. Users are misusers
Untrue – the vast majority are recreational users who don’t misuse the drug.


      3. Users are dirty, immoral and dangerous losers
An unwarranted stereotype illicit drug users are a diverse group of people from every walk of life.


      4. People take drugs because they have problems
Untrue – most people take drugs because they enjoy the effect


      5. Use inevitably leads to addiction
Untrue – most people use illicit drugs at some point in life only a small proportion develop addiction


      6. Drug use inevitably damages people
All substances can damage people, but prohibition makes illicit drugs more dangerous and damaging


      7. It is drug use fuels crime
The relationship is more associated rather than causal, but prohibition and tough law enforcement fuels crime


      8. Legal drugs are safer and less damaging
Alcohol and tobacco are more damaging than most illegal drugs -but it’s difficult to obtain any illegal drugs in a clean and unadulterated form.

     9. Law enforcement measures effect level of drug use
Neither tough nor liberal law enforcement have much impact upon levels of drug use.

Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

Something I created for a lecture and thought might be worth sharing 🙂


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