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BLOG: The problem with banning drugs

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Tragically, we have seen another teen (Henry Kwan) die after consuming what he believed to be LSD, but which was actually an NBOMe (e.g. 25i-NBOMe), which is a much newer and more potent psychedelic substance. At the same time the NSW Fair Trading Department has banned a list of products that contain synthetic analogue drugs and has raided stores across that state. I was asked onto ABC Radio in Newcastle this morning for my view on this issue and this is a summary of what I said: The problem with banning is that banning is one of the major causes of this problem in the first place.


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click here for audio file https://soundcloud.com/abc_radio/drug-researcher-monica-barratt …;

Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

Seems strange that authorities and communities continue to imagine that banning drugs somehow a positive step towards tackling the problem – quite the opposite!

See on monicabarratt.net


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