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PODCAST 27mins Radio NZ: Controversy over retailers’ licences to sell party pills

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Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

Unfortunately when this Act was debated in Parliament it was presented and amended to appeal to drug law reformers AND to prohibitionists who heard Peter Dunne announce:


"The Psychoactive Substances Bill ends this dangerous game of cat and mouse by banning the import, the manufacture, the sale, the supply, and the possession of psychoactive substances. It reverses the onus of proof by making all psychoactive substances illegal …"


It issued fines for possession of unapproved drugs, prison for supply and gave police powers to enter without a warrant


So it is hardly surprising the community are confused and ill prepared because in Parliament MPs supported this law for different reasons and with different expectations when it was really important they should be giving a lead to the community.


Here are my concerns about some of the contradictions with an Act that promised both regulation and prohibition:



Here is my submission to the Health Select Committee raising these concerns:http://www.academia.edu/3487019/Submission_to_Health_Select_Committee_on_NZ_Psychoactive_Substances_Bill_Regulating_Legal_Highs_


If you want to hear the MPs debates in the third and final reading:



See on http://www.radionz.co.nz


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