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Reshaping New Zealand’s Alcohol and other Drug Policy Declaration | Drug Foundation

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In late August 2013 almost 100 people representing over 50 organisations gathered in Wellington help reshape New Zealand’s alcohol and other drug policy.


The link to download the document “Aotearoa NZ Free from Drug Harm” is at the bottom of the page.

Julian Buchanan‘s insight:

NZ Drug Law and Policy was reviewed for two years by the NZ Law Commission who produced a diverse and wide ranging 144 recommendations. I think to date only two recommendations have been implemented.


This latest Drug Policy Review managed by the NZDF takes a similar approach and produces a staggering 200+ vision statements.


The vastness of the recommendations and broad statements of agreement mean that it has somethink to appeal for all – so you are left with a take your pick policy that can be what you want it to be.


Producing manifesto’s is one thing… drug policy in NZ needs to be less punitive and should consider

1. Prescibing injectable drugs

2. Providing nalaxone take home

3. Allowing raw cannabis possession for people with life-limiting illnesses

4. Making it legal to possess injecting equipment regardless of where it is from.

5. Stepping down not stepping up Police activity on cannabis cultivation

6.Removing the offence of possession for unapproved legal highs

7. Abondoning Drug testing and punishment for people on benefit





See on www.drugfoundation.org.nz


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